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Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Visibility is a powerful crime deterrent. By their presence alone, uniformed patrol guards can help enhance your employees safety and reduce the risk of vandalism or theft on your property or at your facility. Stinson Security guards wear distinctive uniforms that reflect their authority and professionalism.
Vehicle patrols are periodic security checks at homes, cottages, businesses, or any other type of property or facility. Vehicle patrols are a cost effective means to reduce risk and loss when you don't need a full-time security guard on site.
* Making visible rounds in a distinctive, marked car
* Patrolling buildings as well as parking lots
* Driving through the property in random patterns
* Making a specified number of visits each day
* Checking windows, doors, locks, vehicles, loading docks, illegally parked vehicles
Mobile Patrol
Our patrol services are customized to meet your unique needs. Frequently, Mobile Patrol Supervisors are asked to lock and unlock facilities, turn lights and heating/cooling systems on and off, close windows, conduct drive-by security checks, provide after-hours security escorts, and respond to alarms. They also deter trespassers on your property.
You can maximize the effectiveness of mobile patrols by posting warning signs that say your property is "protected", "monitored" or "patrolled". Even if you already have security guards in place, patrol services can provide an extra boost in visibility.
The benefits of having Mobile Patrols:
* Can be more cost effective than a stationed security guard
* Excellent solution for clients with multiple sites and locations
* Marked patrol cars tell thieves and vandals your site is under surveillance
* We can patrol properties and facilities too big for foot patrols
* Vehicle patrols available 24/7, 365 days a year, weekends, holidays, etc.
* You can choose specific patrol times or request unpredictable, random patrols

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