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Construction Site Security

Construction Guard Construction sites are often targeted for theft and by vandals. Stinson Security have been providing Security for Construction Sites for many years and our services can save you both money and prevent delays on your construction project.

Construction sites are prime target areas for theft and vandalism. The London area has become a hot bed for "street recyclers" these recyclers on bicycles spend every day and night stripping sites of all the coper they can find. Often there is thousands of dollars in damage in an attempt to steal very little value in copper. Construction machinery and cranes are also targeted frequently for the copper in lines and batteries for their lead content. An unmanned site is an open invitation to these individuals.
Thefts can be by day or night but most are at night when the site is most vulnerable. A uniformed Stinson Security Guard acts as both a deterrent and as a prevention. Our guards are trained and monitored to both survey and patrol a site according to a program designed and approved by you. Our Patrol team visits every site, every shift and maintain hourly safety checks with all construction staff. This additional visibility of marked patrol vehicles greatly enhances the visibility of your security team on site.

A member of the Stinson Security Team on your site will reduce your insurance claims, save you money and prevent delays on your project. As well as preventing theft and damage a Stinson Security Team member will also minimize your liability. Construction sites are dangerous places loaded with heavy equipment and unlit/unsigned dangers so prevention of access can save you litigation and safety exposure.

Stinson Security Services offers a discount to all members of The London and District Construction Association as well as the London Home Builders Association.

Construction Site A Stinson Security Guard will:-
* Patrol and protect property
* Control Site Access
* Respond to Alarms
* Monitor hot spots, electrical issues or water leaks
* Keep Security Logs and make reports
* Dispatch extra Security Personnel as required

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